Friday, July 30, 2004

time travel

last night damian and i went for a walk in the muggy air. we ended up strolling into depression era 1930's.

a lawn full of 100 or more sepia clad people lay around chatting, old cars littered the street beside them. it was like looking at a photograph, it was so bizarre how real it looked (if you blocked out the more modern eyesores of course, like the gardiner expressway). three rough looking men walked by us in baggy dirt covered overalls and no shirts, a man dressed in his best mobster attire crossed the lawn towards a shady spot, two women with rouged cheeks and felt hats turned up at the brim sat talking on the curb. it was so easy to imagine it was real.

i have a fascination for the 20's/30's/40's for some reason, i love the fashions and the music. when we passed the women sitting on the curb damian looked at me and said "you're loving this aren't you?".

when i did extra work in movies i never got to do anything like this, no period pieces. the furthest back in time i went with my costuming was the 80's, we're talking nasty sweater (that itched like a sonofabitch) with a snazzy brown ski jacket over top. how totally boss.