Friday, July 02, 2004

latte drinking crow(e)

yesterday was a great day hanging out with the fam from aussie. a lot of island walking led to tired legs and a need to rest with a pint or 2. we ended up at the bier markt where we all had a different worldly beer or 2...or 3 (i had hoegaarden, one of the only beers i like). we then headed to a restaurant called 'terroni's' to get something to soak up the beer with (which didn't really work due to the fact that we downed 2 bottles of red while we were there, c'est la vie).

as we were approaching the restaurant, there was a man sitting outside having a smoke and some caffeine. he was wearing an old looking suit but i didn't really think twice about it since hey, this is toronto and if wearing pantyhose on your arms isn't weird than neither is a circa 1930's suit! he was looking the opposite direction from us as we walked in, we weren't paying much attention to him because, he was just some guy in an old suit right? well, everyone walked into the restaurant with iain and i pulling up the rear when i said "yeah, this is the place i thought you were talking about". circa 1930's turned his head, looked at me and smiled. i returned the friendly gesture only to realize in slow motion, as the smile was stretching across my face, that circa 1930's wasn't just some guy in an old suit but rather russell crowe in an old suit. well holy shit eh? i didn't want to be too boisterous about it as there were some crew members, who were obviously with my friend russell, settling the bill nearby. i leaned over and whispered to everyone "that was russell crowe sitting out there" to which kate replied with "bullshit manda!". iain was the only other person who saw him so he vowed i was in fact telling the truth.

my dad, being his typical "nothing ventured nothing gained" self (which i should take some inspiration from) got up saying "i'll see if it's true, i'll be right back". he headed out the door and came back a few minutes later with a positive ID proving me right to the non-believers. he just went out there and said "you scrub up well mate" (russell was clean shaven and his face looked quite slim). russell laughed and they started chatting about how filming was going, family and how my dad used to live here but now lives in sydney....i think my dad was trying to steal my friend russell from me.

later on we all walked passed the set on our way to damian and i's place. they've turned the bay store into madison square garden and richmond st. was lined with old cars from the 30's. i took a picture of kate and kevin in front of it the night before on our way home from the fams hotel. it was with my camera phone, at night, the results are nothing you could call photographic genius. i took a few more shots in the daylight yesterday (with my real camera) but i'm not sure they'll turn out as damian spilled a little bit of beer on my camera. he'll rue the day if it's broken.