Tuesday, July 13, 2004

injured by art

damian's aunt & uncle's new puppy, skye, enjoying a piece of shade under a picnic table.

i have tiny blisters on my index and middle finger, a callus on my ring finger, and a recently discovered bruise on my hip. they're all worth the fun i had with kate in our silkscreening class on sunday. we spent 10 straight hours on our feet ripping old screens apart to create new ones, getting covered in emulsion, designing prints to make, getting covered in paint, and washing our screens over and over again. that's the only part i didn't like, having to wait for my screen to dry between prints. oh well, i'm sure it's better if you have more than one screen on the go so you can print one while the other dries.

we managed to get 4 shirts, 1 tank top, and 7 (or was it 8) pairs of knickers all jazzed up with our designs. we didn't have enough time to do our fabric but we bought our screens so we can print more stuff at home. we're also thinking about setting up a light table (sorry starr, it'll probably be put in your room. don't worry though, we'll make it look nice) so we can do more screens as well.

it's so addictive and it's just what i need, another art hobby which means more supplies scattered throughout our apartment. damian's going to kill me. i love silkscreening because there are so many things involved with it, you're always doing something. i love that you need pliers, hammers, staple guns, etc. i love that you can walk away from it with injuries. one of my favourite things about art is getting into it, right deep into it. if i don't have paint on me when i'm finished then it wasn't a good session.

so may be we'll put some of the knickers up in our store to see how people like them. man, i can't wait to get that light table all set up!