Monday, July 19, 2004


it's always upsetting and horrible to hear about all of the sensless killings that are happening in our city more and more. it's even more upsetting when one of those victims is someone you know.

crying at work is never a good thing.

my dad just told me that a friend of his was attacked from behind in the parking lot of a bar on thursday night. he was found with his skull fractured and taken to a nearby hospital. from there he was air lifted to toronto, he died yesterday.

when kate and i were kids our parents would ofen take us up to their friends cottage for summer weekends with them. during the day it was all about playing in the lake, going for boat rides, playing frisbee, etc. night was all about partying. my parents and their friends would blast the tunes, dance around, and sing. kate and i would join right in (with our virgin cocktails of course, mainly tahiti treat). all the ladies loved Dr. Dave (he was a dentist), i remember my mom always saying how much she loved dancing with him coz he did it so well. whenever we arrived, kate & i would whip out our art pads and show him all of the drawings we did on our drive up. he told my mom that we were both so creative and that i was very witty for my age, i always had a comeback for anything he said (he was a joker....that whole gang was). One weekend someone rented a karaoke machine. i sat beside dave on the couch as he belted out a fantastic impression of Louis Armstrong's version of 'What a Wonderful World'.

he had a wife and three children.