Sunday, July 25, 2004


my mom just called to tell me that they've arrested someone in the murder of Dr. Dave. 21 year old adam holland of orillia. we were saying that the news makes us sad again and even more so, angry. my mom said "it gives me an angry vengeful feeling". she also said that her and my dad were talking and she mentioned that she would like to go to his trial to see his face, i agreed.

why is that? what makes us want to do that, put a face to the monster? it will anger us even more, i'll sit there with boiling knots twisting in my stomach, i won't take my eyes off of him until my stare has burned clear through him. how will this help us feel better? WILL it help us feel better, to sit there in the same room as the man who took away a friend? it won't bring him back. i can't explain it but it feels like something i have to do.