Friday, July 30, 2004

time travel

last night damian and i went for a walk in the muggy air. we ended up strolling into depression era 1930's.

a lawn full of 100 or more sepia clad people lay around chatting, old cars littered the street beside them. it was like looking at a photograph, it was so bizarre how real it looked (if you blocked out the more modern eyesores of course, like the gardiner expressway). three rough looking men walked by us in baggy dirt covered overalls and no shirts, a man dressed in his best mobster attire crossed the lawn towards a shady spot, two women with rouged cheeks and felt hats turned up at the brim sat talking on the curb. it was so easy to imagine it was real.

i have a fascination for the 20's/30's/40's for some reason, i love the fashions and the music. when we passed the women sitting on the curb damian looked at me and said "you're loving this aren't you?".

when i did extra work in movies i never got to do anything like this, no period pieces. the furthest back in time i went with my costuming was the 80's, we're talking nasty sweater (that itched like a sonofabitch) with a snazzy brown ski jacket over top. how totally boss.

Sunday, July 25, 2004


my mom just called to tell me that they've arrested someone in the murder of Dr. Dave. 21 year old adam holland of orillia. we were saying that the news makes us sad again and even more so, angry. my mom said "it gives me an angry vengeful feeling". she also said that her and my dad were talking and she mentioned that she would like to go to his trial to see his face, i agreed.

why is that? what makes us want to do that, put a face to the monster? it will anger us even more, i'll sit there with boiling knots twisting in my stomach, i won't take my eyes off of him until my stare has burned clear through him. how will this help us feel better? WILL it help us feel better, to sit there in the same room as the man who took away a friend? it won't bring him back. i can't explain it but it feels like something i have to do.

Friday, July 23, 2004

Dr. Dave

i think i'm ready to write about it, of course i just started to cry while typing this.  i have to give it a go, i think it might help.

today was the funeral for my parents friend who was murdered last week. that word "murdered" is so hard, i've never known anyone to die tragically before.  there are so many feelings fluttering around in my stomach.  i can't stop thinking about it.  i go between two major feelings, sadness and anger.  i hate seeing my parents so upset, my dad is taking it harder than he's showing, i can feel that, we all can.

this was my third funeral since december and it was the toughest one.  damian's nana died after a long illness, then my great uncle passed away after an illness, but Dr. Dave was so young and healthy. 

this is harder than i thought it would be to write.

there were a lot of memories being shared today between my parents and their friends.  kate remembered my mom always french braiding his hair during those party weekends they'd have at the cottage.  my mom got teary eyed and laughed "that's right, he'd always come over to me saying "wanna french me Christie?".  he'd have this tiny little french braid in the back of his hair all day".  my mom also told us that he would always be standing up for kate and i during those cottage weekends.  since we were kids and couldn't hang in there as long as the adults we'd be in bed while they still partied into the wee hours.  Dr. Dave would always be saying "hey, the girls are sleeping, let's try to keep it down a little for them".  one weekend, before he was married, he brought a girlfriend up.  my mom was telling us that in the morning, the late morning, one of us ran into the cottage from outside all excited yelling "someone caught a fish, someone caught a fish" to which his girlfriend said "shhhh, people are trying to sleep you know".  apparently Dr. Dave didn't like this comment and said "you mean like they were trying to do while we were being idiots last night?"  he didn't see much of her after that.

i will always remember those cottage weekends, they were a huge part of our childhood.  i will always remember secretly hoping Dr. Dave would be there any time we went.  you get crushes when you're a kid right?  well i had one on Dr. Dave but i can't imagine any girl who met him didn't.   i know my mom did and she was married.

a few years ago when damian and i were first going out we went up to the cottage for the day.  of course i had that same hope that he'd be there, he was just one of those people you liked to be around and  i hadn't seen him in a long time.  he was there.  damian had to be "initiated" by the guys so they tied the tube up to the back of the boat (my dad was nice enough to share the "ride" with him).  they raced across that lake dragging damian and my dad behind at such a speed, my dad went flying but damian hung on, he arrived back at the shore just as he left it.....on the tube.  it was considered okay that he was dating me after that and he was given a beer.

it feels good to think about all of this but every so often it triggers tears.  it's sad that his three boys will grow up without their dad, it's sad that his wife will never wake up beside him again, it's sad to watch my mom cry after she remembers all of the dances she danced with him and the fireside talks they had all curled up by the bonfire, it's sad to see my dad wiping away the tears i've never seen him shed before, it's sad that someone so kind and giving was taken away by such a senseless and cruel act of violence, it's sad that he'll never be there again.

Monday, July 19, 2004


it's always upsetting and horrible to hear about all of the sensless killings that are happening in our city more and more. it's even more upsetting when one of those victims is someone you know.

crying at work is never a good thing.

my dad just told me that a friend of his was attacked from behind in the parking lot of a bar on thursday night. he was found with his skull fractured and taken to a nearby hospital. from there he was air lifted to toronto, he died yesterday.

when kate and i were kids our parents would ofen take us up to their friends cottage for summer weekends with them. during the day it was all about playing in the lake, going for boat rides, playing frisbee, etc. night was all about partying. my parents and their friends would blast the tunes, dance around, and sing. kate and i would join right in (with our virgin cocktails of course, mainly tahiti treat). all the ladies loved Dr. Dave (he was a dentist), i remember my mom always saying how much she loved dancing with him coz he did it so well. whenever we arrived, kate & i would whip out our art pads and show him all of the drawings we did on our drive up. he told my mom that we were both so creative and that i was very witty for my age, i always had a comeback for anything he said (he was a joker....that whole gang was). One weekend someone rented a karaoke machine. i sat beside dave on the couch as he belted out a fantastic impression of Louis Armstrong's version of 'What a Wonderful World'.

he had a wife and three children.

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

injured by art

damian's aunt & uncle's new puppy, skye, enjoying a piece of shade under a picnic table.

i have tiny blisters on my index and middle finger, a callus on my ring finger, and a recently discovered bruise on my hip. they're all worth the fun i had with kate in our silkscreening class on sunday. we spent 10 straight hours on our feet ripping old screens apart to create new ones, getting covered in emulsion, designing prints to make, getting covered in paint, and washing our screens over and over again. that's the only part i didn't like, having to wait for my screen to dry between prints. oh well, i'm sure it's better if you have more than one screen on the go so you can print one while the other dries.

we managed to get 4 shirts, 1 tank top, and 7 (or was it 8) pairs of knickers all jazzed up with our designs. we didn't have enough time to do our fabric but we bought our screens so we can print more stuff at home. we're also thinking about setting up a light table (sorry starr, it'll probably be put in your room. don't worry though, we'll make it look nice) so we can do more screens as well.

it's so addictive and it's just what i need, another art hobby which means more supplies scattered throughout our apartment. damian's going to kill me. i love silkscreening because there are so many things involved with it, you're always doing something. i love that you need pliers, hammers, staple guns, etc. i love that you can walk away from it with injuries. one of my favourite things about art is getting into it, right deep into it. if i don't have paint on me when i'm finished then it wasn't a good session.

so may be we'll put some of the knickers up in our store to see how people like them. man, i can't wait to get that light table all set up!

Saturday, July 10, 2004


i've been on such a creative road lately which i love of course, but it's overwhelming. do you ever have so many ideas pushing their way into your mind that it's as if you have none? does that make sense? i can't seem to get any of the ideas onto paper, they won't come out. when i start trying to get them down more come into my head and flood everything.

it's perfect timing for a creative burst! kate and i have our silkscreen class tomorrow and we're both just shooting out ideas like crazy. i just hope that i don't blank out when we get in there. no, it can't happen, i have managed to get some stuff into my sketchbook. the last time i took the class i was in a bit of a creative rut and i spent most of my time in the ink bottle sketching things rather than putting designs onto fabric. i wasn't alone though, the other girl was doing the same thing (it was just the 2 of us and it was perfect!). we sat there half the day working out ideas (and eating giant cookies that Kingi bought). tomorrow i plan to print print print like a mad woman.

sibling rivalry will soon have more unique fabrics for bags AND perhaps some undies and tees!

Friday, July 02, 2004

latte drinking crow(e)

yesterday was a great day hanging out with the fam from aussie. a lot of island walking led to tired legs and a need to rest with a pint or 2. we ended up at the bier markt where we all had a different worldly beer or 2...or 3 (i had hoegaarden, one of the only beers i like). we then headed to a restaurant called 'terroni's' to get something to soak up the beer with (which didn't really work due to the fact that we downed 2 bottles of red while we were there, c'est la vie).

as we were approaching the restaurant, there was a man sitting outside having a smoke and some caffeine. he was wearing an old looking suit but i didn't really think twice about it since hey, this is toronto and if wearing pantyhose on your arms isn't weird than neither is a circa 1930's suit! he was looking the opposite direction from us as we walked in, we weren't paying much attention to him because, he was just some guy in an old suit right? well, everyone walked into the restaurant with iain and i pulling up the rear when i said "yeah, this is the place i thought you were talking about". circa 1930's turned his head, looked at me and smiled. i returned the friendly gesture only to realize in slow motion, as the smile was stretching across my face, that circa 1930's wasn't just some guy in an old suit but rather russell crowe in an old suit. well holy shit eh? i didn't want to be too boisterous about it as there were some crew members, who were obviously with my friend russell, settling the bill nearby. i leaned over and whispered to everyone "that was russell crowe sitting out there" to which kate replied with "bullshit manda!". iain was the only other person who saw him so he vowed i was in fact telling the truth.

my dad, being his typical "nothing ventured nothing gained" self (which i should take some inspiration from) got up saying "i'll see if it's true, i'll be right back". he headed out the door and came back a few minutes later with a positive ID proving me right to the non-believers. he just went out there and said "you scrub up well mate" (russell was clean shaven and his face looked quite slim). russell laughed and they started chatting about how filming was going, family and how my dad used to live here but now lives in sydney....i think my dad was trying to steal my friend russell from me.

later on we all walked passed the set on our way to damian and i's place. they've turned the bay store into madison square garden and richmond st. was lined with old cars from the 30's. i took a picture of kate and kevin in front of it the night before on our way home from the fams hotel. it was with my camera phone, at night, the results are nothing you could call photographic genius. i took a few more shots in the daylight yesterday (with my real camera) but i'm not sure they'll turn out as damian spilled a little bit of beer on my camera. he'll rue the day if it's broken.