Friday, June 18, 2004

you can't leave the table until you've finished your vegetables!


why do events like this one have to take place on a weekday? i would love to check it out, fresh food, live music, sunshine. oh well.

i've been on such a healthy eating kick lately which is good coz those kicks are rare. i crave good, hearty vegetarian meals which means i'm craving my fave veggie restaurant a lot. i'm a lazy vegetarian. by the time i get home from work the last thing i want to do is cook a meal. damian isn't veggie so when i cook, i have to cook 2 different things........that's time consuming! so most of the time i won't bother making myself anything, if i make salad i'll just have that.

anyway, thank hell it's friday. i'm looking forward to a motorcycle ride to downey's with damian tomorrow morning (it'll be our first longer trip somewhere on the bike, i expect a numb bum). i'm looking forward to shopping with kate tomorrow afternoon, and i'm looking forward to my parents and grandparents coming over for a bbq on sunday. summer weekends are the best, too bad they're so short.