Tuesday, June 08, 2004


if you want to freak me out, approach me on stilts. there is nothing i find more creepy than people on stilts. there's something about elongated limbs that just bothers me, like something from a nightmare. last night we were trying to watch a movie called 'northfork' (imagery wise it had potential but it was way too slow and bleak, we had to turn it off. i think we were too tired to try to understand what was going on.) and in it there was some sort of creature with all fours on stilts, it was horrifying.

now that the nice weather is here more and more street festivals will be popping up, this usually means stilts. i remember walking through a street fair last year, gabbing my head off and not paying attention to my surroundings. i came to a stop and looked up....wayyyy up, there before me stood a stilted man in bright yellow pants. it made my skin crawl.

am i alone? what creeps you out?