Friday, June 04, 2004

my prince charming

okay i HAD to post this phone call i just got.

me - "good afternoon _________"
guy - "hey"
me - "hi"
guy - "how's it goin'?"
me - "fine thanks"
guy - "you gettin' ready for the weekend?"
me - "i guess so"
guy - "is this lisa?"
me - "no, it's amanda"
guy - "ohhh, amanda. do you party?"
me - "um, yeah"
guy - (now he's got this attempted sexy phone voice) "really? what do you drink?"
me - (thinking, this could be interesting, i'll play along) "anything i guess"
guy - "oh yeah? you like beer, you like rye?"
me - "yup"
guy - "are you hot?"
me - (not wanting to break his little heart by telling him 'average') "of course!"
guy - "ooooo yeah, what do guys compliment you on the most?"
me - "eyes"
guy - "Oooo, what colour are your eyes?"
me - "blue"
guy - "oh good, like what shade of blue? light, dark?"
me - "somewhere in the middle"
guy - "are you blonde?"
me - "nope"
guy - "mmmm, dark hair"
me - "you got it! you know, you called a company and i really have to answer the phones"
guy - "oh this is a company?"
me - "yes it is"
guy - ", you're a party girl?"
me - (thinking this guy can't be for real, it's getting pretty tired) "yes, a party girl"
guy - "and i guess you go to church?"
me - (sarcastically) "oh yeah, all the time"
guy - "really?"
me - "no, not really"
guy - "so you aren't a religious person?"
me - "no i'm not"
guy - (shocked) "you don't believe in god at all?"
me - "look i really have to go, i've got phone calls coming in"
guy - "okay, bye"
me - "yeah, bye"