Wednesday, June 16, 2004

mary mary quite contrary

peonies from my parents' garden (ignore the water bottle, i forgot the vase at home)

it's so nice to add this splash of flower to my desk as i'm surrounded by ferns.

on the weekend damian and i planted our little "patio in the city" garden. we got lucky when we found this place, it has a quasi-wicked balcony which is about 200 square feet. it's quasi-wicked due to two problems, 1) we're across from train tracks, and 2) the second floor (our floor) balconies jut out further than the ones above us. thus we often find cigarette butts (and other trash the upper people don't feel like putting in a garbage) strewn on our deck and/or in our garden bed.

so our garden is tiny, how do i describe it? it's in the wall. okay our railing, barrier, protection from falling to a grisly death below is a solid wall, it's quite wide and the garden is on top....does that make any sense? anyway, we planted an array of things because i love eclectic gardens, i love colour, english overgrown gardens are my favourite. we planted some jacobs ladder, dahlias (i love these), icelandic poppies, daisies, and more. i can't wait to see it all in bloom. we also bought a couple of hanging plants to decorate the fence with.

i've also got a little herb garden going. my parents gave me a "kit" for christmas which came with 5 pots, a stand, and seeds. they're sprouting like mad, i'm so excited. this is my first garden and so far so good.