Friday, June 25, 2004

the leaning tower of montauk


this is the current state of our kitchen. isn't that hideously frightening? no, not the colour of the counter and cupboards, the huge couch standing upright waiting for a victim. every time i squeeze into the fridge to get a drink or something i think "this is going to be like an opening scene in 'six feet under'. they'll find me pinched between the couch and the fridge gripping a jug of kool-aid in my dead hand".

it looks as though the death trap will be staying where it is longer than we expected. the guys came in this morning, ripped up the carpet and discovered a lovely problem....uneven floors. yeah, it looks like the builders did a half-assed job and didn't even out the concrete then hid it beneath greyish carpeting. thanks guys. now we have to have cement poured which will take a couple of days to dry THEN, and only then, can they begin work on laying the wood. oh well, i'm not pissed. we'll just have to order in for a few nights or eat out. we'll have to hang out in the bedroom (which is never really all that bad eh?) until we have a downstairs again.