Wednesday, June 30, 2004

haunted by bon

i'm being tortured by the ghost of 'living on a prayer'. i can't seem to shake the voice of bon jovi from my head, it's been going on all morning.

our floors are done. there aren't any pictures yet, wipe away your tears, but i'll take some later. we have to wait until tonight to put our furniture back so our couch still stands in the kitchen. the floor looks great though, i'll have to have you over for a swank dinner.

my dad, stepmom, and brother are here visiting for a week from Australia....i'm so excited to see them. it's a good thing tomorrow is a holiday so we can hang out with them all day. i think we'll be taking in the rib fest (a veggietarians dream) at centennial park. i think i'm going to try to sweet talk my mom into letting us all come over for a swim since it's SUPPOSED to be pretty hot tomorrow. i'm lucky because all 4 of my parents get along with each other, i think drinks by the pool tomorrow with all of my parents would be a fantastic way to celebrate canada day. i would also like to give my shadow a little attention after an incident on sunday which involved damian throwing a rock hard bone to kelsey to fetch and jackson catching it with his head. it cut him close to his eye but he's okay...damian feels really bad. he'll probably go to hell for it.

i'm all over the place today, i think it's the messed up week i'm having (and loving). work - no work - work - no work - work - weekend.