Friday, June 04, 2004

downward spiral

it's not looking too good for us in regards to the market this summer. it turns out we had to re-apply (so we took the winter months off, who the hell sits out there in the dead of february?) but we we're told that it should be no problem getting accepted again since we've done it before. to book for a month you have to call the friday before the first saturday of the month, so i called this morning, first thing. i was told that vendors have until noon to re-book so she wasn't sure if there were any tables available. so i asked her another question

me - "my sister and i had to re-apply, i was wondering if we were accepted"
her - "well, what were you selling?"
me - "bags and jewellery"
her - "okay, the bags aren't a problem but right now we have a lot of jewellery"
me - "so no then?"
her - "well, if one of the jewellery vendors doesn't re-book by noon then you can"
me - "okay, thanks"

now, the chances of someone NOT re-booking are pretty slim, summer is coming for crying out loud. there's also a beer festival on the weekend of the 12th, that means lots of people traffic. we're not going to sell just the bags, that's not our business. i guess the fact that we did it last year gives us no pull.

something that ticks me off is the girl (i saw her last saturday) who sold her craft sporadically last year, a craft that has nothing to do with accessorizing your body in any way. this year, she's added jewellery. now i realize i'm not one to dictate what people can and can't sell, but it's like selling car wax and then saying "hey, we now sell cat food bowls as well". at least bags & jewellery has a similar theme. damian had a good point, he said "it's like she realized people were making money selling jewellery so she thought she'd do it for the extra buck, it seems like she's doing it primarily for the cash". i'm not even going to start on about the imported flea market junk that people sell. i'm upset so i'm being nasty, i don't like being nasty.

what makes me the most upset though is the feeling of doubt i've got now. i was excited to get back out there and sell our handmade products to people passing by, seeing them happy with a new purchase of something original. it gave me something to look forward to during the week while i stewed in an office, saturday was when i did the job i WANT to do! now i feel stuck, everyone makes jewellery, i feel like there's no talent in what i do. i'm digging through my brain to find all of those arty things i love, trying to think of something else i could do. one of the hardest things to do these days is have an original idea. i apologize for this downer of a post but it feels good to get it out, afterall, isn't that what journals are for?

my fingers are still crossed, albeit loosely, in hopes that someone drops out.