Tuesday, June 22, 2004


my biker babe grandma sporting my helmut.

i have a couple of things to talk about.

first off. last night was my dad's birthday so my mom took all of us out to dinner at this fabulous, delicious, italian restaurant that they go to a lot (Rocco's Plum Tomato). I had pesto and pine nut spaghetti....i always have something pesto when i go there, it's the best! this is not important however. my parents know rocco pretty well so he came over to say "hey" and wished my dad "happy birthday". after dinner he sent out a dessert plate with 3 different cake slices, orange sorbet in a frozen orange, and a candle. then came liqueurs, rocco is a good man! a small glass of frangelico was placed in front of each of us. in a classy move kate & i looked at each other, clinked our little liqueur glasses together and shot it back faster than you could say "tacky". my dad laughed something along the lines of "you dinks, you're supposed to sip it" but my mom busted out with "me too!" and slammed hers back. talk about 3 classy broads.

secondly. i'm taking the silkscreening course at peach berserk again only this time it will be even more fun because kate is taking it too. we went in on the weekend to register (and also HAD to purchase a couple of funky BBJ necklaces that caught our eyes). while we were paying i looked up and what did i see hanging on the wall? my screen from the first time i took the course. i can't wait to dive into the ink again.