Thursday, June 03, 2004

boys like it!

it would seem that kate and i should be marketing our bags & jewels to men. the majority of compliments given are from them. on saturday we were at the market and i was buying damian some of his favourite handmade soap, i was (of course) carrying one of kate's bags. when i reached in to grab my wallet i got a "that's a really cute bag" from the guy. today a male co-worker walked passed me then did a double take, "let me see your necklace". so i showed it to him (it's a new design that goes with this style of bracelet). he wants me to make one for his niece to wear at his wedding. a few hours later my favourite fed ex driver came in and pointed out my necklace, "great necklace". last year at the market kate had so many guys commenting on her bags, it's funny, but we love it!

i modeled the necklace on one of my desk mascots so you could have a sneak peak. i've made tons for the market (cross your fingers for us that we get a space for this saturday) and some will be going up in the store soon.

on an other topic totally un-related, kate got me hooked on making magical creatures over at the harry potter website. she made a little pimped out astrologer mouse named Mr. Jimmy and i came back with a tribute to one of my favourite movies with a Mr. Yunioshi cat. yes, we have a bit too much time on our hands while at work......hey, it's our smoke break.

mr. jimmy

mr. yunioshi