Tuesday, June 22, 2004

animals are people too

i really lose it when i hear about animal cruelty. nothing makes my insides twist up more, i feel a heat in my stomach, my eyes start to burn, and my jaw clenches tight. this morning on the news i heard this story and i yelled "sick fuck!" at the t.v. all i could think when i heard this was how much i would love to do the same action to that asshole. i'm not a violent person but when it comes to stories of cruelty these thoughts always arise in my mind.

they showed a lady carrying the pup into the hospital and he was the most adorable little thing with his ears flopping down in his face. i feel so bad for pitt bulls and the bad reputation they have. you have to look at the majority of people who own pitt bulls, how they are raised to be "tough". near our old house there was a scuzzy looking bike repair shop, the owner had 2 pitt bulls. everyday i walked by i would have to stop and talk to the dogs and pet them. they always greeted me with wagging tails and a big lick. for a while the dogs weren't there, i thought maybe the owner decided to keep them at home. then something else appeared in their place, puppies! now i had puppies to talk to. one day kate was walking by and stopped to pet the pups, some skid guy who hung around the shop all the time yelled "you knows those are pitt bulls right?" pitt bull puppies, is there anything more fiendish?

damian & i walked by one day and one of the little guys was running over to greet us but he kept falling over. he would stand up, take a few steps and then fall over again. he had no balance and would walk into things. there was another girl watching it happen while her boyfriend was trying to get through to the humane society on his cell. i crouched down and her and i tried to keep it from wandering into the road. we tried to keep him steady, tried to make him sit or lay down but he kept wanting to move. the owner of the store was mumbling to a customer (who was also concerned about the puppy) "fuckin' people worry too much, it's just a fuckin' dog". i nearly lost it. that hot feeling boiled up in my stomach and i had visions of pushing him into traffic. i regret not picking up the puppy and taking it home. he had a scratch above his eye so we thought he must have been hit in the head, maybe he was hit by a car, the owner was doing nothing about it. damian & i hesitantly left and rushed home to call the humane society. i never saw that puppy again. i really hope they came and picked him up, treated him, and now he's living in a great home.

while searching for the story mentioned above i found another one. why do some people have pets?

i recently became a monthly donor to the toronto humane society and i urge you to help out too. i decided that $20 a month is better going to the animals than it is going to something i don't need.