Wednesday, June 30, 2004

haunted by bon

i'm being tortured by the ghost of 'living on a prayer'. i can't seem to shake the voice of bon jovi from my head, it's been going on all morning.

our floors are done. there aren't any pictures yet, wipe away your tears, but i'll take some later. we have to wait until tonight to put our furniture back so our couch still stands in the kitchen. the floor looks great though, i'll have to have you over for a swank dinner.

my dad, stepmom, and brother are here visiting for a week from Australia....i'm so excited to see them. it's a good thing tomorrow is a holiday so we can hang out with them all day. i think we'll be taking in the rib fest (a veggietarians dream) at centennial park. i think i'm going to try to sweet talk my mom into letting us all come over for a swim since it's SUPPOSED to be pretty hot tomorrow. i'm lucky because all 4 of my parents get along with each other, i think drinks by the pool tomorrow with all of my parents would be a fantastic way to celebrate canada day. i would also like to give my shadow a little attention after an incident on sunday which involved damian throwing a rock hard bone to kelsey to fetch and jackson catching it with his head. it cut him close to his eye but he's okay...damian feels really bad. he'll probably go to hell for it.

i'm all over the place today, i think it's the messed up week i'm having (and loving). work - no work - work - no work - work - weekend.

Tuesday, June 29, 2004


another day off, that's it for my vacation days. the guys are here again doing the floors and hopefully it will actually get done. please let there be no more problems, we can't live much longer without our downstairs. we need our kitchen desperately, one can only order so much pizza, you know?

we finally put up the new necklaces in our shop, go have a looksee at 'fleur'

Friday, June 25, 2004

the leaning tower of montauk


this is the current state of our kitchen. isn't that hideously frightening? no, not the colour of the counter and cupboards, the huge couch standing upright waiting for a victim. every time i squeeze into the fridge to get a drink or something i think "this is going to be like an opening scene in 'six feet under'. they'll find me pinched between the couch and the fridge gripping a jug of kool-aid in my dead hand".

it looks as though the death trap will be staying where it is longer than we expected. the guys came in this morning, ripped up the carpet and discovered a lovely problem....uneven floors. yeah, it looks like the builders did a half-assed job and didn't even out the concrete then hid it beneath greyish carpeting. thanks guys. now we have to have cement poured which will take a couple of days to dry THEN, and only then, can they begin work on laying the wood. oh well, i'm not pissed. we'll just have to order in for a few nights or eat out. we'll have to hang out in the bedroom (which is never really all that bad eh?) until we have a downstairs again.

Thursday, June 24, 2004

3 day weekend

semi-sweet. my thursday just turned into work tomorrow! i have to take the day off while some guys come in to do our floors. goodbye crusty carpet, hello hardwood. i don't really like using up a vacation day to sit around and watch flooring being installed but oh well, no work is always good.

tonight, after we clear all the furniture off our carpet, we're going to see 'napoleon dynamite'. this movie looks hilarious.

damn, there's a lot of garbage blowing around this wind ever going to let up? i just saw a McTumbleweed go by.

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

animals are people too

i really lose it when i hear about animal cruelty. nothing makes my insides twist up more, i feel a heat in my stomach, my eyes start to burn, and my jaw clenches tight. this morning on the news i heard this story and i yelled "sick fuck!" at the t.v. all i could think when i heard this was how much i would love to do the same action to that asshole. i'm not a violent person but when it comes to stories of cruelty these thoughts always arise in my mind.

they showed a lady carrying the pup into the hospital and he was the most adorable little thing with his ears flopping down in his face. i feel so bad for pitt bulls and the bad reputation they have. you have to look at the majority of people who own pitt bulls, how they are raised to be "tough". near our old house there was a scuzzy looking bike repair shop, the owner had 2 pitt bulls. everyday i walked by i would have to stop and talk to the dogs and pet them. they always greeted me with wagging tails and a big lick. for a while the dogs weren't there, i thought maybe the owner decided to keep them at home. then something else appeared in their place, puppies! now i had puppies to talk to. one day kate was walking by and stopped to pet the pups, some skid guy who hung around the shop all the time yelled "you knows those are pitt bulls right?" pitt bull puppies, is there anything more fiendish?

damian & i walked by one day and one of the little guys was running over to greet us but he kept falling over. he would stand up, take a few steps and then fall over again. he had no balance and would walk into things. there was another girl watching it happen while her boyfriend was trying to get through to the humane society on his cell. i crouched down and her and i tried to keep it from wandering into the road. we tried to keep him steady, tried to make him sit or lay down but he kept wanting to move. the owner of the store was mumbling to a customer (who was also concerned about the puppy) "fuckin' people worry too much, it's just a fuckin' dog". i nearly lost it. that hot feeling boiled up in my stomach and i had visions of pushing him into traffic. i regret not picking up the puppy and taking it home. he had a scratch above his eye so we thought he must have been hit in the head, maybe he was hit by a car, the owner was doing nothing about it. damian & i hesitantly left and rushed home to call the humane society. i never saw that puppy again. i really hope they came and picked him up, treated him, and now he's living in a great home.

while searching for the story mentioned above i found another one. why do some people have pets?

i recently became a monthly donor to the toronto humane society and i urge you to help out too. i decided that $20 a month is better going to the animals than it is going to something i don't need.


my biker babe grandma sporting my helmut.

i have a couple of things to talk about.

first off. last night was my dad's birthday so my mom took all of us out to dinner at this fabulous, delicious, italian restaurant that they go to a lot (Rocco's Plum Tomato). I had pesto and pine nut spaghetti....i always have something pesto when i go there, it's the best! this is not important however. my parents know rocco pretty well so he came over to say "hey" and wished my dad "happy birthday". after dinner he sent out a dessert plate with 3 different cake slices, orange sorbet in a frozen orange, and a candle. then came liqueurs, rocco is a good man! a small glass of frangelico was placed in front of each of us. in a classy move kate & i looked at each other, clinked our little liqueur glasses together and shot it back faster than you could say "tacky". my dad laughed something along the lines of "you dinks, you're supposed to sip it" but my mom busted out with "me too!" and slammed hers back. talk about 3 classy broads.

secondly. i'm taking the silkscreening course at peach berserk again only this time it will be even more fun because kate is taking it too. we went in on the weekend to register (and also HAD to purchase a couple of funky BBJ necklaces that caught our eyes). while we were paying i looked up and what did i see hanging on the wall? my screen from the first time i took the course. i can't wait to dive into the ink again.

Friday, June 18, 2004

this is an audio post - click to play

voice of me

i just signed up for audioblogger, i thought i'd give it a try. i'm sure audio posts will be few as it's a long distance call and i can't stand my voice.

when i get a second, when nobody is walking or hanging around my desk, i'll post a tester. cover your babies ears, put the dog in the yard, here comes the voice of me!

you can't leave the table until you've finished your vegetables!


why do events like this one have to take place on a weekday? i would love to check it out, fresh food, live music, sunshine. oh well.

i've been on such a healthy eating kick lately which is good coz those kicks are rare. i crave good, hearty vegetarian meals which means i'm craving my fave veggie restaurant a lot. i'm a lazy vegetarian. by the time i get home from work the last thing i want to do is cook a meal. damian isn't veggie so when i cook, i have to cook 2 different things........that's time consuming! so most of the time i won't bother making myself anything, if i make salad i'll just have that.

anyway, thank hell it's friday. i'm looking forward to a motorcycle ride to downey's with damian tomorrow morning (it'll be our first longer trip somewhere on the bike, i expect a numb bum). i'm looking forward to shopping with kate tomorrow afternoon, and i'm looking forward to my parents and grandparents coming over for a bbq on sunday. summer weekends are the best, too bad they're so short.

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

mary mary quite contrary

peonies from my parents' garden (ignore the water bottle, i forgot the vase at home)

it's so nice to add this splash of flower to my desk as i'm surrounded by ferns.

on the weekend damian and i planted our little "patio in the city" garden. we got lucky when we found this place, it has a quasi-wicked balcony which is about 200 square feet. it's quasi-wicked due to two problems, 1) we're across from train tracks, and 2) the second floor (our floor) balconies jut out further than the ones above us. thus we often find cigarette butts (and other trash the upper people don't feel like putting in a garbage) strewn on our deck and/or in our garden bed.

so our garden is tiny, how do i describe it? it's in the wall. okay our railing, barrier, protection from falling to a grisly death below is a solid wall, it's quite wide and the garden is on top....does that make any sense? anyway, we planted an array of things because i love eclectic gardens, i love colour, english overgrown gardens are my favourite. we planted some jacobs ladder, dahlias (i love these), icelandic poppies, daisies, and more. i can't wait to see it all in bloom. we also bought a couple of hanging plants to decorate the fence with.

i've also got a little herb garden going. my parents gave me a "kit" for christmas which came with 5 pots, a stand, and seeds. they're sprouting like mad, i'm so excited. this is my first garden and so far so good.

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

"summer breeze, makes me feel fine"

phew, is it ever hot! the past couple of days have been more like the dead of august than the beginning of june. no complaints here...okay, one complaint, it's turning my hair to frizz (i'm sporting a big puff right now). other than wait, one more complaint. i don't have enough summer clothes. i tossed a bunch of stuff when we moved and now i'm down to about 3 tees, a couple of skirts, and some tanks. i need more flippy skirts. other than those 2 things i'm quite content.

i enjoyed having dinner on the patio last night (on our new furniture) with damian and starr. i hope we'll still be able to do it when the bugs start coming.

Tuesday, June 08, 2004


if you want to freak me out, approach me on stilts. there is nothing i find more creepy than people on stilts. there's something about elongated limbs that just bothers me, like something from a nightmare. last night we were trying to watch a movie called 'northfork' (imagery wise it had potential but it was way too slow and bleak, we had to turn it off. i think we were too tired to try to understand what was going on.) and in it there was some sort of creature with all fours on stilts, it was horrifying.

now that the nice weather is here more and more street festivals will be popping up, this usually means stilts. i remember walking through a street fair last year, gabbing my head off and not paying attention to my surroundings. i came to a stop and looked up....wayyyy up, there before me stood a stilted man in bright yellow pants. it made my skin crawl.

am i alone? what creeps you out?

Saturday, June 05, 2004


attention toronto ladies

if you have no problems paying $50 for a haircut you should seriously go see nikki at john steinberg (on king st.). i've never had a bad cut from her and she is so much fun, even when she's admitted to me that she's going on a couple hours of sleep she has so much energy.

anyway, totally recommended.

Friday, June 04, 2004

my prince charming

okay i HAD to post this phone call i just got.

me - "good afternoon _________"
guy - "hey"
me - "hi"
guy - "how's it goin'?"
me - "fine thanks"
guy - "you gettin' ready for the weekend?"
me - "i guess so"
guy - "is this lisa?"
me - "no, it's amanda"
guy - "ohhh, amanda. do you party?"
me - "um, yeah"
guy - (now he's got this attempted sexy phone voice) "really? what do you drink?"
me - (thinking, this could be interesting, i'll play along) "anything i guess"
guy - "oh yeah? you like beer, you like rye?"
me - "yup"
guy - "are you hot?"
me - (not wanting to break his little heart by telling him 'average') "of course!"
guy - "ooooo yeah, what do guys compliment you on the most?"
me - "eyes"
guy - "Oooo, what colour are your eyes?"
me - "blue"
guy - "oh good, like what shade of blue? light, dark?"
me - "somewhere in the middle"
guy - "are you blonde?"
me - "nope"
guy - "mmmm, dark hair"
me - "you got it! you know, you called a company and i really have to answer the phones"
guy - "oh this is a company?"
me - "yes it is"
guy - ", you're a party girl?"
me - (thinking this guy can't be for real, it's getting pretty tired) "yes, a party girl"
guy - "and i guess you go to church?"
me - (sarcastically) "oh yeah, all the time"
guy - "really?"
me - "no, not really"
guy - "so you aren't a religious person?"
me - "no i'm not"
guy - (shocked) "you don't believe in god at all?"
me - "look i really have to go, i've got phone calls coming in"
guy - "okay, bye"
me - "yeah, bye"

pony be-gone


i'm getting my hair chopped tonight after work, i can't wait. no more ponytail (it's been my hairstyle for the past few weeks). i have no idea what i want really, i might just have to tell nikki to do whatever......not a pixie cut though, been there, done that, looked like a guy.

i'm feeling a bit better about the whole market thing, sometimes you just have to breath and things feel better. things happen for a reason right? maybe the market is going to burn down or something and our fairy godmother is protecting us by not letting us go.

downward spiral

it's not looking too good for us in regards to the market this summer. it turns out we had to re-apply (so we took the winter months off, who the hell sits out there in the dead of february?) but we we're told that it should be no problem getting accepted again since we've done it before. to book for a month you have to call the friday before the first saturday of the month, so i called this morning, first thing. i was told that vendors have until noon to re-book so she wasn't sure if there were any tables available. so i asked her another question

me - "my sister and i had to re-apply, i was wondering if we were accepted"
her - "well, what were you selling?"
me - "bags and jewellery"
her - "okay, the bags aren't a problem but right now we have a lot of jewellery"
me - "so no then?"
her - "well, if one of the jewellery vendors doesn't re-book by noon then you can"
me - "okay, thanks"

now, the chances of someone NOT re-booking are pretty slim, summer is coming for crying out loud. there's also a beer festival on the weekend of the 12th, that means lots of people traffic. we're not going to sell just the bags, that's not our business. i guess the fact that we did it last year gives us no pull.

something that ticks me off is the girl (i saw her last saturday) who sold her craft sporadically last year, a craft that has nothing to do with accessorizing your body in any way. this year, she's added jewellery. now i realize i'm not one to dictate what people can and can't sell, but it's like selling car wax and then saying "hey, we now sell cat food bowls as well". at least bags & jewellery has a similar theme. damian had a good point, he said "it's like she realized people were making money selling jewellery so she thought she'd do it for the extra buck, it seems like she's doing it primarily for the cash". i'm not even going to start on about the imported flea market junk that people sell. i'm upset so i'm being nasty, i don't like being nasty.

what makes me the most upset though is the feeling of doubt i've got now. i was excited to get back out there and sell our handmade products to people passing by, seeing them happy with a new purchase of something original. it gave me something to look forward to during the week while i stewed in an office, saturday was when i did the job i WANT to do! now i feel stuck, everyone makes jewellery, i feel like there's no talent in what i do. i'm digging through my brain to find all of those arty things i love, trying to think of something else i could do. one of the hardest things to do these days is have an original idea. i apologize for this downer of a post but it feels good to get it out, afterall, isn't that what journals are for?

my fingers are still crossed, albeit loosely, in hopes that someone drops out.

Thursday, June 03, 2004

boys like it!

it would seem that kate and i should be marketing our bags & jewels to men. the majority of compliments given are from them. on saturday we were at the market and i was buying damian some of his favourite handmade soap, i was (of course) carrying one of kate's bags. when i reached in to grab my wallet i got a "that's a really cute bag" from the guy. today a male co-worker walked passed me then did a double take, "let me see your necklace". so i showed it to him (it's a new design that goes with this style of bracelet). he wants me to make one for his niece to wear at his wedding. a few hours later my favourite fed ex driver came in and pointed out my necklace, "great necklace". last year at the market kate had so many guys commenting on her bags, it's funny, but we love it!

i modeled the necklace on one of my desk mascots so you could have a sneak peak. i've made tons for the market (cross your fingers for us that we get a space for this saturday) and some will be going up in the store soon.

on an other topic totally un-related, kate got me hooked on making magical creatures over at the harry potter website. she made a little pimped out astrologer mouse named Mr. Jimmy and i came back with a tribute to one of my favourite movies with a Mr. Yunioshi cat. yes, we have a bit too much time on our hands while at work......hey, it's our smoke break.

mr. jimmy

mr. yunioshi

Wednesday, June 02, 2004


i walked into the washroom and was startled by a shining flash in the mirror that caught the corner of my eye. i went towards it to see what it was, i was mortified to discover that it was a viciously long grey hair swaying in the recycled air. how did i miss it? how could i not see that monstrous thing jutting from my head? they're taking over.

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

take a trip down my memory lane

the vegas pictures are finally up, you can see them here.