Wednesday, May 05, 2004

walking on nails

i can't be the only person who is grossed out by people clipping their fingernails on the subway, can i? why can't it be done at home or when the destination is reached?

damian and i encountered a lady doing this very act yesterday morning. the same lady got on the same car as me today and what did she do? she clipped her nails....again. i think she might have started in on her toes too due to the length of time it seemed to be taking her.

if you really want to gross me out/bother me:

* do the public nail clipping thing.
* talk with your mouth full, i'm talking major full. so full you are incomprehensible and bits fall out or hang around in the corners of your lips.
* shove a fist full of popcorn into your face during a movie and then proceed to chew very loudly.
* pick at things on your body (scabs, nose, head, etc.) then study it between your fingers.
* press one nostril in with your index finger and blow snot out of the un-restricted one onto the street.
* toss your garbage onto the street from your car.
* look at me as you're jerking off in your car at a red light (it happened, it wasn't a turn on).
* do that phlegm clearing thing where it's snorted from the inner recesses of your nose and brought into your throat.
* make me watch a freddie prinz jr. movie.