Thursday, May 20, 2004

start the presses

kate and i have FINALLY gone an extra step with our biz. we just bought some ad space in bust! of course, we're too late for the summer issue, so it'll be in the fall one (aug.31st). i don't know what took us so long, okay, part of it was money....we don't exactly have an advertising budget. we decided to go for it though, we need more exposure. another reason, i think, is fear. fear of not knowing enough, fear of success (let's hope there IS some success in our future), fear of an unstable paycheque, etc. i hate fear.

i read journals by these fabulously inspiring women and think, "why can't i do it?" i know that this office job that i've been in for years is a safe and steady cheque, i know i'll be able to pay the bills and the mortgage with it, i also know that i hate it. i'm not meant for this sort of environment, stark walls and ferns (the official vegetation of offices), sitting on my ass for 8 hours, recycled air and windows that don't open. lately i've been thinking "you're 27 and look at you, do something dammit", so i'm going to start working on that...HARD!

okay, i know it's just an ad we placed, nothing huge, nothing for me to get worked up over but it is an extra step. i'm just glad we finally did it and it must have triggered that little outburst up there. can't wait till august!

next step, registering the biz so the government can get a piece of the action.