Tuesday, May 18, 2004

the smell of summer

i love how it smells outside today, well how it smelled this morning anyway, i haven't been out there since i sauntered into work at 7:30am. it's so fresh, so summer, so rain. it's amazing how fast things change. when we left for vegas last monday the trees on our street were still just a bunch of sticks, when we returned they were in full bloom. it's wonderful, the blossoms look like pink & white tissue paper and the green of the leaves is such a brilliant bright shade. there's a little park behind us, where dogs chase squirrels, which is completely summerized now. the trees are in full bloom and the tulips by the statue add specks of colour.

it feels so good to walk outside now, to smell damp grass in the morning. i'm just waiting on that candy smell now. do you ever get a breeze that smells like candy? i think it's for real this time, i think i can put away my mittens.

p.s. there's 6 new bracelets up in the store.