Thursday, May 06, 2004

my sister takes drugs

i got an email from kate this morning stating this:

"you know, there is a certain feeling you get from wearing a $400 suit. even if your hair looks like shit, you burnt your head with the flat iron and your taped up hem is falling down. either that or i'm buying stock in midol because it rocks."

yes, she bought a $400 suit for work. she was told she dressed "inappropriately" for the office and that "if you were to go to a meeting with _________ (insert name here) you wouldn't want to embarrass him" . let me just say that kate dresses gorgeously for work, everything looks professional, there's no belly showing, no cleavage showing (well, there's no cleavage anyway.........she's gonna kill me for that one i bet). so anyway, she went out and bought one helluva nice suit.

yes, midol does rock. i always get so giddy and chatty when i pop one (i also get a bit fuzzy and my hands shake, that can't be good right?). i'm not sure if it takes the cramps away or if it just makes you high enough that you couldn't give a crap.