Thursday, May 20, 2004

mother nature, yeah, she's got it coming!

i often wonder how the weather knows when the weekend is coming, especially a long weekend. it looks as though we're in for a nice wet three days off! it seems to be the trend that weekdays (while the majority of us are stuck inside) are sunny and gorgeous, and when the weekend hits we're dumped on with rain. i love a good thunderstorm and rain is nice, but in small dosages. i don't think the weather realizes that flip flops get kind of slimey when worn on rainy days.

i had all these warm weather ideas for the weekend too. first of all i was supposed to be getting my helmut so damian could take me for rides on his motorcycle. i may still get it but there won't be much riding. then i pictured us jaunting around kensington market, going for a walk along the lakeshore, heading over to the beaches where i could pick up some tea and (much to damian's horror) maybe stop into a bead shop. i love the beaches, so many dogs to play with.

damn this rain, i suppose there's always a chance it could change.........

in other news. as i was walking home last night from the subway i noticed that a building which had been under construction for quite some time had a sign in the window. it read, "coming soon - american apparel". whoopty! i love their stuff. now maybe i can finally do that clothing project i've been thinking about for our store, you know, expand a little. i bought some knickers from them online about a year or two ago and never got around to decorating them. now i won't have to pay the shipping charges. for any toronto ladies who want to know, the store will be on queen west between spadina and bathurst. it didn't say when it was opening but hopefully soon!