Friday, May 07, 2004

in theme with starr's post about idiot customers, may i present you with a phone call i dealt with this afternoon.

me: "good afternoon _______ (company name)"
lady: "hi can i talk to so & so"
me: "he's on another line right now, would you like to hold or would you like his voicemail?"
lady: "well do you know how long he'll be?"
me: (with a sarcastic 'you gotta be kidding me' laugh) "sorry no, i couldn't tell you how long he'll be on the phone"
lady: "maybe i'll take his voicemail then. how often does he check it?"
me: "pardon? how often does he check his voicemail?"
lady: "yeah, does he check it regularly?"
me: "i would have no idea. i imagine if he sees the red light go on he'll check it though"
lady: "okay, i'll take his voicemail"

it's surprising how many people think receptionists are psychic, how receptionists must know every little detail that happens within a company. from how long someone will be on the phone to how often they pee during the day, a receptionist should know!