Monday, May 17, 2004

i'm back and i'm not rich

paris, las favourite!

well, we're back and sad at that fact. it's amazing how fast a week goes by when you aren't stuck behind a desk. even though none of us came home big winners, we had a great time. i actually played the tables despite my lack of confidence and fear of other players freaking out on me if i did something wrong. i understood how people got hooked when i won my first hand in blackjack, damn, it felt good. sure i was only playing a $5 minimum table but still, what a rush.

damian asked each of us "if you could choose any casino to be your own, which one would you pick?" there was no contest on my end, i'd want paris all the way. damian would want aladdin, kate wants the mirage, starr wants bellagio, kevin wants the hard rock, and daren wants the luxor

i'm having trouble putting the trip into words, i don't think i'm fully back yet. photos will be coming soon.