Tuesday, May 25, 2004

guns blazing

we had some sunshine yesterday, it was a complete shock but it happened. damian & i seized the opportunity to get to get out of the house after being shut ins for 2 days, we were going crazy (although i did get a lot of jewellery made). so we went out for some fresh air, a battery (that's some major excitement right there), a healthy lunch at le commensal, and who knows what else. as we were coming off of wellington st. we cut through a little parkette to hit king st. we heard some yelling but thought nothing of it, it's the city, it's not un-common. then we heard the gunshots. we stopped, we looked at each other not knowing what to do next. since there were no screams or sirens or any other general sounds of dis-harmony, i figured it must be a filming. indeed it was, within a few steps we were walking on snow. we stood and watched for a bit while they filmed a shooting in a blizzard. here's a play by play of the scene:

lawrence fishburn comes walking out of the church only to be rushed back in by his thug looking bodyguard as 2 men shoot at him. the thug gets one shot off but his number is up, he's no match for 2 guys with guns. he takes a bullet and goes rolling down the stairs dying on the sidewalk as the 2 guys run into the church to get larry.

it was pretty entertaining. the movie is called 'assault on precinct 13'. they were still there this morning when i went by on the streetcar, i wonder if they'll be closing the road again? i'll have to check out the action after work.