Monday, May 03, 2004

celebrity for a day.


check out the belt kate MADE for me! i love it to pieces. it's made out of fancy ribbon and it's reversible too. you see the orange side right now but in a flash i can change it to blue. damn, my sister rocks!!!!!!

okay, so the shopping spree damian & i went on on saturday was a success...........for damian mostly. we went into stores we wouldn't normally go into (due to the fact that they tend to be on the pricey side) and spent a good amount of money. we felt like rich celebrities for a day, walking into stores and buying what we wanted without a care. it felt good too, we would walk into a store with all our bags and people would be looking at us and sales people would be all over us, etc. i've never done anything like that before but i think maybe it should be done once a year.

anyway, damian found 3 sexy button up shirts and a pair of jeans at banana republic for men and then we went to the girlies banana and i bought a $120 linen skirt (in khaki). ouch, normally i would have looked at the price tag and said "they're dreaming" but not this time, we were spreeing! damian then found a few more goodies at places like club monaco (where i also scored a shirt) and guess, i just couldn't seem to find any clothes i REALLY loved. i did however buy a bra that kate told me about (this was not part of the spree fund, i just used good old cash from last weeks paycheque). can i just say my boobs are currently residing on cloud 9? wow, talk about comfort. i'm going back next payday to get a couple more.

another treat damian managed to find was a new pair of fluvogs. i suppose i could have bought another pair too but, i need clothes more. our last stop on the spree tour, before our legs gave out on us, was back to acton leather where damian picked up the leather jacket he tried on earlier in the day. oh, i almost forgot, his first treasure find of the day was a pair of polarized sunglasses. so let's tally this up:

4 button down "dress" shirts
2 tee shirts
1 pair of jeans
1 pair of pants (non-jean)
1 pair of kick ass boots
1 leather jacket

1 skirt
1 shirt
1 bra (that my boobs adore)

i must say, damian looks deliciously sexy when he's wearing his new threads. he put on the jeans, a button down shirt, the new boots, the leather jacket, and the shades when we got home..... phew, hot stuff!