Monday, May 31, 2004

born to ride

still no vegas pics, it was way too nice out this weekend to be sitting in front of a computer.

on friday after work i headed over to meet damian at mcbride cycle to pick up my special order helmut. it wasn't a special order because i was having an eagle soaring over mountains or a gnarly dragon airbrushed onto it, no, it was a special order because my head is the size of a pea. they had to get me an xxs. you should see this thing on me, it's hilarious, like a giant black fiberglass bubble resting on my head. oh well, it's not there for a fashion award is it? it also has a visor so i look terribly mysterious when it's over my face. now i can toot around with damian when he goes for a ride, i can't wait for the hot weather!

if you had told me a year ago that i would be on the back of a motorcycle and loving the shit out of it, i would think you were nuts. i was a little nervous when we picked up my helmut as it was going to be the first time i had been on it (well, we scooted around an empty parking lot to see if i'd like it and if it would be worth buying me a helmut, but that was nothing, no traffic). i trust damian with every fiber in my body, it's the other people on the road that freak me out, the ones who might not see a motorcycle zooming up beside them. as soon as i got on and he started driving i felt fine, it was fantastic actually! when we got home and i got off the bike the feeling i had in my legs and bum was similar to that of getting of a horse after a first ride. i really wanted to go back out again and ride some more (again, i must stress that this is odd, i never EVER would have thought i'd like it), so we decided to go out to dinner in the beaches.

the wind was crazy and it was getting quite chilly out but i didn't care. the city was so different on a motorcycle, i wasn't just watching it pass i was feeling it pass too. now i understand what all those bikers are on about when they say it's so freeing. we're really looking forward to summer now so we can ride over to my parents place (dubbed 'club hutton') for bbq's & swimming and take nice country drives to our favourite farm. damian's big plan now is to ride to vegas, just the 2 of us, when he gets his dream bike. if my ass gets sore after a 20 minute ride, imagine a 3 day ride?