Monday, May 31, 2004

born to ride

still no vegas pics, it was way too nice out this weekend to be sitting in front of a computer.

on friday after work i headed over to meet damian at mcbride cycle to pick up my special order helmut. it wasn't a special order because i was having an eagle soaring over mountains or a gnarly dragon airbrushed onto it, no, it was a special order because my head is the size of a pea. they had to get me an xxs. you should see this thing on me, it's hilarious, like a giant black fiberglass bubble resting on my head. oh well, it's not there for a fashion award is it? it also has a visor so i look terribly mysterious when it's over my face. now i can toot around with damian when he goes for a ride, i can't wait for the hot weather!

if you had told me a year ago that i would be on the back of a motorcycle and loving the shit out of it, i would think you were nuts. i was a little nervous when we picked up my helmut as it was going to be the first time i had been on it (well, we scooted around an empty parking lot to see if i'd like it and if it would be worth buying me a helmut, but that was nothing, no traffic). i trust damian with every fiber in my body, it's the other people on the road that freak me out, the ones who might not see a motorcycle zooming up beside them. as soon as i got on and he started driving i felt fine, it was fantastic actually! when we got home and i got off the bike the feeling i had in my legs and bum was similar to that of getting of a horse after a first ride. i really wanted to go back out again and ride some more (again, i must stress that this is odd, i never EVER would have thought i'd like it), so we decided to go out to dinner in the beaches.

the wind was crazy and it was getting quite chilly out but i didn't care. the city was so different on a motorcycle, i wasn't just watching it pass i was feeling it pass too. now i understand what all those bikers are on about when they say it's so freeing. we're really looking forward to summer now so we can ride over to my parents place (dubbed 'club hutton') for bbq's & swimming and take nice country drives to our favourite farm. damian's big plan now is to ride to vegas, just the 2 of us, when he gets his dream bike. if my ass gets sore after a 20 minute ride, imagine a 3 day ride?

Friday, May 28, 2004

coming soon

i started scanning some vegas pics last night but went for dinner and never finished. i'll finish them off tonight and put a little album up for you to browse through at your leisure. you can have a look at some of the camera phone pictures starr took over here

that's all for now really.

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

guns blazing

we had some sunshine yesterday, it was a complete shock but it happened. damian & i seized the opportunity to get to get out of the house after being shut ins for 2 days, we were going crazy (although i did get a lot of jewellery made). so we went out for some fresh air, a battery (that's some major excitement right there), a healthy lunch at le commensal, and who knows what else. as we were coming off of wellington st. we cut through a little parkette to hit king st. we heard some yelling but thought nothing of it, it's the city, it's not un-common. then we heard the gunshots. we stopped, we looked at each other not knowing what to do next. since there were no screams or sirens or any other general sounds of dis-harmony, i figured it must be a filming. indeed it was, within a few steps we were walking on snow. we stood and watched for a bit while they filmed a shooting in a blizzard. here's a play by play of the scene:

lawrence fishburn comes walking out of the church only to be rushed back in by his thug looking bodyguard as 2 men shoot at him. the thug gets one shot off but his number is up, he's no match for 2 guys with guns. he takes a bullet and goes rolling down the stairs dying on the sidewalk as the 2 guys run into the church to get larry.

it was pretty entertaining. the movie is called 'assault on precinct 13'. they were still there this morning when i went by on the streetcar, i wonder if they'll be closing the road again? i'll have to check out the action after work.

Thursday, May 20, 2004

start the presses

kate and i have FINALLY gone an extra step with our biz. we just bought some ad space in bust! of course, we're too late for the summer issue, so it'll be in the fall one (aug.31st). i don't know what took us so long, okay, part of it was money....we don't exactly have an advertising budget. we decided to go for it though, we need more exposure. another reason, i think, is fear. fear of not knowing enough, fear of success (let's hope there IS some success in our future), fear of an unstable paycheque, etc. i hate fear.

i read journals by these fabulously inspiring women and think, "why can't i do it?" i know that this office job that i've been in for years is a safe and steady cheque, i know i'll be able to pay the bills and the mortgage with it, i also know that i hate it. i'm not meant for this sort of environment, stark walls and ferns (the official vegetation of offices), sitting on my ass for 8 hours, recycled air and windows that don't open. lately i've been thinking "you're 27 and look at you, do something dammit", so i'm going to start working on that...HARD!

okay, i know it's just an ad we placed, nothing huge, nothing for me to get worked up over but it is an extra step. i'm just glad we finally did it and it must have triggered that little outburst up there. can't wait till august!

next step, registering the biz so the government can get a piece of the action.

mother nature, yeah, she's got it coming!

i often wonder how the weather knows when the weekend is coming, especially a long weekend. it looks as though we're in for a nice wet three days off! it seems to be the trend that weekdays (while the majority of us are stuck inside) are sunny and gorgeous, and when the weekend hits we're dumped on with rain. i love a good thunderstorm and rain is nice, but in small dosages. i don't think the weather realizes that flip flops get kind of slimey when worn on rainy days.

i had all these warm weather ideas for the weekend too. first of all i was supposed to be getting my helmut so damian could take me for rides on his motorcycle. i may still get it but there won't be much riding. then i pictured us jaunting around kensington market, going for a walk along the lakeshore, heading over to the beaches where i could pick up some tea and (much to damian's horror) maybe stop into a bead shop. i love the beaches, so many dogs to play with.

damn this rain, i suppose there's always a chance it could change.........

in other news. as i was walking home last night from the subway i noticed that a building which had been under construction for quite some time had a sign in the window. it read, "coming soon - american apparel". whoopty! i love their stuff. now maybe i can finally do that clothing project i've been thinking about for our store, you know, expand a little. i bought some knickers from them online about a year or two ago and never got around to decorating them. now i won't have to pay the shipping charges. for any toronto ladies who want to know, the store will be on queen west between spadina and bathurst. it didn't say when it was opening but hopefully soon!

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

the smell of summer

i love how it smells outside today, well how it smelled this morning anyway, i haven't been out there since i sauntered into work at 7:30am. it's so fresh, so summer, so rain. it's amazing how fast things change. when we left for vegas last monday the trees on our street were still just a bunch of sticks, when we returned they were in full bloom. it's wonderful, the blossoms look like pink & white tissue paper and the green of the leaves is such a brilliant bright shade. there's a little park behind us, where dogs chase squirrels, which is completely summerized now. the trees are in full bloom and the tulips by the statue add specks of colour.

it feels so good to walk outside now, to smell damp grass in the morning. i'm just waiting on that candy smell now. do you ever get a breeze that smells like candy? i think it's for real this time, i think i can put away my mittens.

p.s. there's 6 new bracelets up in the store.

Monday, May 17, 2004

i'm back and i'm not rich

paris, las favourite!

well, we're back and sad at that fact. it's amazing how fast a week goes by when you aren't stuck behind a desk. even though none of us came home big winners, we had a great time. i actually played the tables despite my lack of confidence and fear of other players freaking out on me if i did something wrong. i understood how people got hooked when i won my first hand in blackjack, damn, it felt good. sure i was only playing a $5 minimum table but still, what a rush.

damian asked each of us "if you could choose any casino to be your own, which one would you pick?" there was no contest on my end, i'd want paris all the way. damian would want aladdin, kate wants the mirage, starr wants bellagio, kevin wants the hard rock, and daren wants the luxor

i'm having trouble putting the trip into words, i don't think i'm fully back yet. photos will be coming soon.

Saturday, May 08, 2004


this is big, i can finally let it all out. for damian's (my sexy hubby) 30th birthday a bunch of us are taking him to one of his favourite places.............las vegas! we've been holding the secret since the end of january and we just unleashed it upon him tonight. we wanted to give him at least a day in case he needed to buy anything for the trip. good god it was hard to keep this a secret but damn, was he ever surprised.

okay, i gotta post more about this later,when i'm a little more on the sober side.

shine on blue babies


a little picture of our little toes. starr and i (that's starr on the left, me on the right) just got back from our girlie pamper morning of manicures and pedicures. oh yes, this is going to be a monthly thing for us. we've had manicures before but never a pedicure, it was wonderful.

*damn, my feet are prison white....i'll need to remedy that*

Friday, May 07, 2004

in theme with starr's post about idiot customers, may i present you with a phone call i dealt with this afternoon.

me: "good afternoon _______ (company name)"
lady: "hi can i talk to so & so"
me: "he's on another line right now, would you like to hold or would you like his voicemail?"
lady: "well do you know how long he'll be?"
me: (with a sarcastic 'you gotta be kidding me' laugh) "sorry no, i couldn't tell you how long he'll be on the phone"
lady: "maybe i'll take his voicemail then. how often does he check it?"
me: "pardon? how often does he check his voicemail?"
lady: "yeah, does he check it regularly?"
me: "i would have no idea. i imagine if he sees the red light go on he'll check it though"
lady: "okay, i'll take his voicemail"

it's surprising how many people think receptionists are psychic, how receptionists must know every little detail that happens within a company. from how long someone will be on the phone to how often they pee during the day, a receptionist should know!

Thursday, May 06, 2004

my sister takes drugs

i got an email from kate this morning stating this:

"you know, there is a certain feeling you get from wearing a $400 suit. even if your hair looks like shit, you burnt your head with the flat iron and your taped up hem is falling down. either that or i'm buying stock in midol because it rocks."

yes, she bought a $400 suit for work. she was told she dressed "inappropriately" for the office and that "if you were to go to a meeting with _________ (insert name here) you wouldn't want to embarrass him" . let me just say that kate dresses gorgeously for work, everything looks professional, there's no belly showing, no cleavage showing (well, there's no cleavage anyway.........she's gonna kill me for that one i bet). so anyway, she went out and bought one helluva nice suit.

yes, midol does rock. i always get so giddy and chatty when i pop one (i also get a bit fuzzy and my hands shake, that can't be good right?). i'm not sure if it takes the cramps away or if it just makes you high enough that you couldn't give a crap.

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

walking on nails

i can't be the only person who is grossed out by people clipping their fingernails on the subway, can i? why can't it be done at home or when the destination is reached?

damian and i encountered a lady doing this very act yesterday morning. the same lady got on the same car as me today and what did she do? she clipped her nails....again. i think she might have started in on her toes too due to the length of time it seemed to be taking her.

if you really want to gross me out/bother me:

* do the public nail clipping thing.
* talk with your mouth full, i'm talking major full. so full you are incomprehensible and bits fall out or hang around in the corners of your lips.
* shove a fist full of popcorn into your face during a movie and then proceed to chew very loudly.
* pick at things on your body (scabs, nose, head, etc.) then study it between your fingers.
* press one nostril in with your index finger and blow snot out of the un-restricted one onto the street.
* toss your garbage onto the street from your car.
* look at me as you're jerking off in your car at a red light (it happened, it wasn't a turn on).
* do that phlegm clearing thing where it's snorted from the inner recesses of your nose and brought into your throat.
* make me watch a freddie prinz jr. movie.

Monday, May 03, 2004

celebrity for a day.


check out the belt kate MADE for me! i love it to pieces. it's made out of fancy ribbon and it's reversible too. you see the orange side right now but in a flash i can change it to blue. damn, my sister rocks!!!!!!

okay, so the shopping spree damian & i went on on saturday was a success...........for damian mostly. we went into stores we wouldn't normally go into (due to the fact that they tend to be on the pricey side) and spent a good amount of money. we felt like rich celebrities for a day, walking into stores and buying what we wanted without a care. it felt good too, we would walk into a store with all our bags and people would be looking at us and sales people would be all over us, etc. i've never done anything like that before but i think maybe it should be done once a year.

anyway, damian found 3 sexy button up shirts and a pair of jeans at banana republic for men and then we went to the girlies banana and i bought a $120 linen skirt (in khaki). ouch, normally i would have looked at the price tag and said "they're dreaming" but not this time, we were spreeing! damian then found a few more goodies at places like club monaco (where i also scored a shirt) and guess, i just couldn't seem to find any clothes i REALLY loved. i did however buy a bra that kate told me about (this was not part of the spree fund, i just used good old cash from last weeks paycheque). can i just say my boobs are currently residing on cloud 9? wow, talk about comfort. i'm going back next payday to get a couple more.

another treat damian managed to find was a new pair of fluvogs. i suppose i could have bought another pair too but, i need clothes more. our last stop on the spree tour, before our legs gave out on us, was back to acton leather where damian picked up the leather jacket he tried on earlier in the day. oh, i almost forgot, his first treasure find of the day was a pair of polarized sunglasses. so let's tally this up:

4 button down "dress" shirts
2 tee shirts
1 pair of jeans
1 pair of pants (non-jean)
1 pair of kick ass boots
1 leather jacket

1 skirt
1 shirt
1 bra (that my boobs adore)

i must say, damian looks deliciously sexy when he's wearing his new threads. he put on the jeans, a button down shirt, the new boots, the leather jacket, and the shades when we got home..... phew, hot stuff!

Saturday, May 01, 2004

this post is inane.

how am i supposed to take pictures of new jewellery if there ain't no sun? it's like the setting for a highly predictable horror film out there (major fog). damian are going to do our best at making it a sunny day even if, like i said, there ain't no sun!

we're heading out to spend cash, hopefully lots of it! we're going to look for patio furniture, is there anything more exciting? we need it to keep the bbq company. then we're going to attempt to find ourselves some new clothes, some summer wear. i hate clothes shopping personally but i can only wear the same 2 pairs of pants for so much longer, you know? i need some skirts (i hate shorts), some flip flops, some tees, everything really.

damn i'm hungry.