Monday, April 05, 2004

a trick of the eye

it looks positively gorgeous outside but it's a scam. in actuality it's 0 degrees but feels like -8 (celcius), that's right, it's colder than a witches tit. did someone forget to pay ontario's heating bill? this is a bit too ridiculous.

all i can do is make a list of warm weather pleasures to try to get my mind off it. things i love about summer.

~ heading over to my parents house to spend the day playing with the puppies and sitting by (and in) the pool. this usually involves cocktails and a bbq too.

~ nightime walks in the city

~ no coats when going to the bar

~ produce shopping at the market

~ working at the market

~ spontanious late night treat outings to dutch dreams (i'm not a fan of ice cream but their sorbet is scrumptious)

~ barefeet

~ swingsets

~ open windows

~ the smell of grass

~ sprinklers

~ popsicles with fruit in them