Thursday, April 15, 2004

luck be a lady(bug)

i've been in a wee bit of a funk the past few days, that's why there's been a lack in entries. i wanted to spare this journal my rants and raves about the hate i have for my day job.

i'm still in said funk but it feels like it might be phasing out. it's thursday, it's sunny, and i plan on taking a 1/2 day vacation tomorrow to enjoy the 16 degree weather they're calling for. of course i plan on spending some of that time inside. i'm still up in the air about it all but i think a bit of canvas gazing might make me feel a tad better.

this morning as i was putting on my boots i noticed a speck on the floor. i bent over to pick up what i thought was dirt and was a little shocked when it walked away from me. it was a ladybug, out for a morning stretch on my front hall tiles. a sign of spring most definitely but how did he/she get there? i was going to pick it up and bring it outside with me to set it free but when i turned around to get him/her after grabbing my keys, he/she was gone....vanished! i thought maybe he/she went for a little fly around the family room, check out the DVD collection etc. so i left. when i got on the subway i pulled out my mag and started to read. for some reason i looked down, beyond the magazine and onto my bag. who did i see crawling along my bag? ladybug. whether or not this was the same ladybug i will never know, but i'd like to think it little stowaway.

i've started a new line of jewellery called "faerytales" and the first piece is up at our store. each piece will have "faery dust" in it's box and a special tag drawn by me.