Tuesday, April 27, 2004


i love animals, perhaps more than people. it doesn't seem fair that i'm allergic to them.

i have always had pets, since i was sporting diapers, but i guess that didn't help me become immune. i remember having an allergy test done when i was about 13 maybe, they stuck my arm full of pin holes then dabbed the liquid form of cats, dogs, trees, and dust onto the holes. I sat there for what felt like an hour until the doctor came back in, took a look at the lack of action in the pin holes and declared "looks like it didn't work". this meant they had to try a different method. out came a box, a mysterious box with a translucent lid that teased me with unknown forms lurking inside. when the lid opened up and i saw 20 or so syringes layed out in their own compartments, i stopped breathing. this was my fear going into the appointment, i hated needles.

my mom was there to relax me but come on, i was having trees and cats injected into my bloodstream. when it was all over and my other arm was full of holes, i waited. this time it worked! a few of the holes became red around the outside, as if they were blushing, i was told this meant i was allergic to that certain injection. on a scale of 1 to 4 they tallied my results, 1 being "don't worry, it might cause a sneeze but that's it" and 4 being "stay away at all costs this could kill you till you die from it". i hit a 3 for both cats and dogs.

my mom told the doctor that we had 2 cats and 2 dogs at home, what should we do? he said they should be fine but when they die, don't get new ones. screw him! we didn't really listen, we kept buying pets.

i seemed fine with our pets, i guess i had built a sort of immunity towards them. that all changed once i moved out. my body got used to not being around animals so now whenever i go over to my parents house i have to drug up first. if i don't pop my antihistamine i go crazy with itchy throat, intense sneezing, watery eyes, the works! i'm a real beauty queen by the end of the visit. as if i could go over there and NOT play with the dogs, how can i resist this and this? i ask you, how?

i'm heading over there tonight to hang out with kate and i've got my bottle of drugs ready to go. i'll need it because i'm spending the night and when i spend the night i always have a dog or two curled up with me.