Saturday, April 03, 2004

champagne fun dip

my mom (people say she looks like jen aniston in this photo)

i have the coolest mom! she's more like a best friend/mom, we get a long so well and always have. of course i went through that stage (in high school) where she didn't want to be seen with me if i were wearing my ripped jeans and plaid shirt (the grunge phase of my youth) but every one goes through that right? a phase?

anyway, tonight damian & i are over at my parents place for a kick ass dinner (she's also the most amazing cook). she made ribs for the carnivores and a veggie puff pastry pie for kate & i. we've been drinking really good champagne and laughing like mad, you can't help but laugh when you're around my parents.

okay, let me be honest here, my mom & i are the ones drinking most of the champagne. my dad & kate's boyfriend are into the beer, damian is into his gin mixtures, and kate......i'm not sure what kate's drinking, perhaps nothing. my mom and i have clearly dis-respected the Pol Roger name by dipping lik-m-aid sticks into it to create more bubbles and a mightier powder adherence factor. it was all my mom, i swear. i was sipping my champagne like a lady when i looked over at my mom who was dipping the candy stick into her fluted glass. she caught my eye.

"it's good, it makes the powder stick better" said my mom.
"really?" i asked.
"try it, you'll see" answered mom.

i did, and she was right, the cherry flavoured sugar powder clung onto that candied stick for dear life.

right now as i type this in the basement they are all upstairs playing black jack. i can hear the "yeah, in your face" and "whoo hoo, i cleaned house" screams rattling through the floor. i suppose i should head back upstairs as my glass is empty and i can hear my name being called. goodnight.