Thursday, April 08, 2004

biker d and the vanilla lady


my hubby bought a motorcycle, i am now the wife of a biker!

photo #1:
(taken by starr on my camera phone) there he is, all proud on his new ride. oh look, there's the side of my bum in the left hand margin.

photo #2:
(by me, camera phone again) my sexy boy smiling large and feeling all rockstar....even his helmet hair is cute.

i took more pictures with my SLR camera but i have to get them developed then they'll be up. have you ever been so excited for someone because they are so excited? like it rubs off on you? that's how i felt as he showed us how he looked ripping up the street. it put me in a good mood this morning when i saw him getting all geared up to ride his bike to work for the first time.

a few things contributed to my current good mood today actually. first of all, it's a long weekend so today is like friday and that puts a jump in my step. then, when i walked outside this morning i was struck by the most glorious pink sky hovering over the cn tower (toronto's sky is so totally "in"). it was almost as if you could feel it, a warm glow. if it were a flavour it would have been raspberries and cream. the final thing (so far) was the lady who came up and stood beside me at the red light across from my office.

i work in an ugly area, it's rather industrial and very dirty. it's rare that you would come across anything of much beauty (unless you count the strip club a few doors down). this morning i did (encountered beauty, not the strip club that is). i saw the woman approaching from the corner of my eye, she stopped and stood beside me quite close. at first i thought "why stand so close? this sidewalk is big enough for both of us twice over" but then a breeze picked up and i could smell the most wonderful vanilla scent and hear her humming a little song.

hopefully my day keeps going in the direction of good and the rain doesn't start until i'm in my bed.

oh, if you're a crafty lady you have to check out the new site 'the switchboards'. it's a great site with a forum for crafty biz discussions.