Wednesday, April 07, 2004


i wanted this journal to be lighthearted, i didn't want to discuss horrid things and be a downer. i wanted it to be fun, arty, babbling nothingness, but this is too unsettling to ignore, this is something that is really bothering me lately and i had to let it out. it's, the state of my eyebrows.

you see, last time i went to get them beautified i was placed with the most masochistic waxer i've ever encountered. first of all i don't think the wax was warm enough, the sting after the tearing was something i would only wish on my worst enemy (like vin diesel or that kid who called me dumbo in grade school). i think her idea of removing unsightly hair was to remove 3 layers of skin along with it.

second of all, she ripped my brows nearly clean off. they were so thin and they rested just above the center of my eye. you know how your brow bone naturally curves down and ends up creating your nose? you know how your eyebrows tend to follow that curve? she took that away from me. i had charlie chaplin's moustache for a set of eyebrows........only frighteningly thin!

today, a month or so after the event, i am not as bald. i've been growing them back to their former curvaceous selves and it's not pretty. it's like growing out your hair only you can't resort to a ponytail. i'm going to have to give them another week or so and then i should be ready to hit the salon. i will NOT be going to the same demon lady, that's for certain. instead i will go where i usually went before i tried a new place. i will cherish the day.