Monday, April 26, 2004



that 1/2 day off on friday was fantastic, it felt hella good! starr and i met up with daren for lunch then hit the pavement. it was chilly but sunny so as long as we stayed out of the shadows of skyscrapers, we were ace.

saturday was another glorious sunny day. i started off with a small bit of cleaning, those patio doors of ours were killer filthy and now they shine with such a sparkle. damian was stuck working so starr and i hit the pavement once again. you know you're an adult when a spree for you is:

* a new shower curtain
* new soap dispensor/toothbrush holder/cup set
* new garbage can for the washroom
* new crisp white bedsheets (they make me feel like i'm in a hotel)

that's what i shopped for. i try to shop for clothes but i can't stand anything i see, i like pockets on the back of my pants dammit! and, can i please have a t-shirt WITHOUT some sort of faux retro logo or ad on it? anyways, after the mad home decor spree we headed over to 'the black bull' for cocktails on the patio. it was so effin nice! i even got colour (a nice shade of red) on my face (mainly my nose).

sunday brought the rain but that was fine. i had spent enough money already, starr was working, and damian was working....again. so, i sat on the floor and played with jewellery this & that. i made something i was quite happy with and will be making more & more & more (you'll see soon enough). i also took a bit of a break to make a favourite treat of damian & starr's.......chocolate peanut butter balls.

that's what you're seeing in the camera phone photo up there, the luscious pb balls chillin'.

i have to admit something, i just wrote out a guided tour of my fridge and then erased it. this is how bored i am at work. i'm dying here, i'm so un-stimulated that i swear i get dumber by the day.