Tuesday, March 30, 2004

time, in slow motion

cherry jello shot lineup

i could use one of those shots right about now, actually anything with alcohol would hit the spot. i'm so tired and the work boredom isn't helping matters. i've tried everything to help get my body functioning, little walks, stretching, raspberry yogurt (that was more for a calcium intake, i've never known yogurt to be an energy giver), an aero bar (big....on bubbles), but nothing works.

everyone seems to be in the same boat, we're all sharing the same slow drawn out day. i think it's the grey rain, not much of a cheerleader really. all i can think about is my couch, my p.j's, and curling up to watch the movie i rented last night. i didn't watch it yet because it was so gorgeous out last night that damian suggested we go for a walk and a quick bite to eat. now that it's raining and all but the worms are forced indoors, it would be perfect to laze in front of a movie.