Wednesday, March 24, 2004

superhero me

a little flash of sock. how terribly sexy.

today is the perfect day to finally sport my superhero shoes. damian gave these babies to me for christmas and i've only worn them twice....indoors. i couldn't wait to take them outside, show them the world. i love these shoes! they make me feel so good when i put them on, i look down and instead of black i see a flash of red.

i can't fly or jump over tall buildings while wearing them but i can kick higher than my flexibility would normally allow. my dad calls them "clown shoes" but he's just jealous.

they're fluvog's and they're addictive, and they come in such fantastic colours, and i have another pair that are sitting in my closet screaming for summer (another gift from damian...for my b-day).

* photo taken with my camera phone while waiting for the streetcar....i love my camera phone *