Thursday, March 18, 2004

screen dreams

ever since i took kingi's silkscreening class i've been itching to do more. of course i want a set up just like hers, a giant table to lay out large amounts of fabric, a big sink to rinse my screen, a dark room, a big light table, a wide assortment of dyes, tons of screens, etc. this isn't going to happen, i'm going to have to work with what i have (much to the horror of damian*).

i've asked him "pretty please" to help me make a light table and he said he'd do it. i'm not too sure if he knows the extent of what i'm asking, i think he's in that boy haze of "tools, i love to use my tools". not that a light table is going to be overly difficult, i'm just not sure he realizes that it will be yet another piece of equipment, another arty hobby of mine taking up space in our apartment. oh well, he'll get over it and i'll have fab fabrics for kate** to make bags out of.

* my adorable hubby

** my kick ass sister