Thursday, March 25, 2004

"my baby takes the morning train"...

i'm listening to CHUM only because they're giving away madonna tickets, i swear! it's a pretty painful station to listen to.

they just played sheena easton's mega hit "morning train" and it took me back, way back. it reminded me of those carefree days of childhood, tossing the mini pops record on the turntable and rockin' out like nobody's business. kate and i would make up dances with our friends (of course i was the choreographer due to the fact that i was the bossiest one) and blow the minds of our parents, such energy, such raw talent. where are the mini pops now?

moving on.

kate and i are playing around with a few ideas for our store and one of them is to offer little handpainted gift tags. i made one for starr for her birthday (see below)


it triggered the idea. buyers can send gifts directly to the receiver, i mean, how rad is it to get a surprise package in the mail? anyway, that's one idea. another idea is a catalogue of sorts to give to stores etc. we need the nice weather though, some green on the ground in place of this brown sludge. actually green may not be too needed as i plan on doing the photography at the distillery. still, we need sun and warm(ish) temperatures so our models don't freeze. i can't wait!