Tuesday, March 23, 2004

it wasn't me, i swear

there are many annoyances one must deal with as a receptionist. people having little meetings or chit chats while leaning on your desk, the wide array of obnoxious callers (eg. "yeah, someone just called me?"), the vanishing of pens and other supplies from your desk, etc. the worst of all though has got to be 'the walk and rip'.

'the walk and rip' is when a co-worker casually strolls by the reception desk and lets one rip, leaving the looming smell of natural gas hovering around your nose. a walking ripper is very stealthy, he/she doesn't make a peep, these gas leaks make no noise whatsoever. sometimes they'll look at you out the corner of their eye, their inner dialogue saying "do it, for god's sake man, blast one out before you get back to YOUR desk". it's a drop and run and you now look like the fart culprit when someone else passes by.