Wednesday, March 31, 2004

that's it! i can't wait any longer. i've been wanting to see 'eternal sunshine of the spotless mind' since the first preview flashed my eyes but, i have yet to see it.

damian has been super busy with his new job and doesn't get home until quite late (the 1 1/2 hour commute doesn't help) & during the weekend he's busy working on a freelance job for an architect. he wants to see the film too so he told starr and i to wait for him. i can't wait any longer, i'm going to have to go without him! i don't want to hear anything more than what i already know about it. i know that it's going to be one of those films that excites me visually, one that reinforces my love of film and makes me kick myself for not getting into it as a career.

in highschool i thought i wanted to be an actor, i did plays & was in the drama club, yeah, i was drama geek. i even won the drama award when i graduated, which was amazing, because the only thing i'd ever won before was a care bear. i had so much fun doing the plays, i got to be amanda wingfield in 'the glass menagerie', a dead woman stuck haunting a dive bar in some one act play i have no title recollection of, a distraught single mother of a daughter who wouldn't ditch her imaginary friend in another short play i can't remember the name of (i got to smash things in this one, such a bonus!), and more.

i auditioned to study theater in college but didn't get in. i even had to sing in one of the auditions, the horror. so, i took the improv courses at second city which were a blast! of course the first 2 levels were like a regression back to highschool drama (wink murder anyone?) but the 3 levels after that were more juicy with a performance in the tim sims playhouse at the end of the final level.

i also started doing extra work in film/t.v. which was fun (with bits of boring sprinkled on top...lots of sitting and waiting). i got to meet a lot of great people and eat stale chips from the craft table. i even became a glorified extra when working on the set of the t.v show the rez. they picked me to be the hooched out white trash waitress in the local bar, what made them pick me? i'm not sure, perhaps i had an inner hooch inside that they could see but i couldn't.

somewhere in the midst of all this acting hullabaloo i realized i would much rather be behind the camera, directing, writing, who knows, just creating the stuff that people acted in. if only i had realized that at 17 when we're all supposed to choose what we want to do then go to school for it (yeah right, 17? all i knew at 17 was that i had to get out of barrie).

i should have known, the signs were there from an early age. when kate & i were little we would spend our summers with our grandparents in florida, i would always be directing her and our friends in little movies shot with my grandpa's huge camcorder. then whenever there was a family holiday get together i'd costume up all of my little cousins and we'd put on a play or make a movie to present after dinner. the adults loved this of course as it kept the kids out of their hair.

so anyway, trip down memory lane over. i just adore a really good film.

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

time, in slow motion

cherry jello shot lineup

i could use one of those shots right about now, actually anything with alcohol would hit the spot. i'm so tired and the work boredom isn't helping matters. i've tried everything to help get my body functioning, little walks, stretching, raspberry yogurt (that was more for a calcium intake, i've never known yogurt to be an energy giver), an aero bar (big....on bubbles), but nothing works.

everyone seems to be in the same boat, we're all sharing the same slow drawn out day. i think it's the grey rain, not much of a cheerleader really. all i can think about is my couch, my p.j's, and curling up to watch the movie i rented last night. i didn't watch it yet because it was so gorgeous out last night that damian suggested we go for a walk and a quick bite to eat. now that it's raining and all but the worms are forced indoors, it would be perfect to laze in front of a movie.

Sunday, March 28, 2004



starr bought me this boss jewellery stand (along with another one of different colours) for my birthday. they are intended for use at our market booth but i had to take it for a test drive on my balcony....yepp, it works.

those are some new pieces that will be on kate & i's site soon and behind the jewels is a dried dead plant of some sort, fantastic isn't it? soon there will be nothing but lush green as i plan on planting a bevy of flora in my little narrow garden.

Thursday, March 25, 2004

"my baby takes the morning train"...

i'm listening to CHUM only because they're giving away madonna tickets, i swear! it's a pretty painful station to listen to.

they just played sheena easton's mega hit "morning train" and it took me back, way back. it reminded me of those carefree days of childhood, tossing the mini pops record on the turntable and rockin' out like nobody's business. kate and i would make up dances with our friends (of course i was the choreographer due to the fact that i was the bossiest one) and blow the minds of our parents, such energy, such raw talent. where are the mini pops now?

moving on.

kate and i are playing around with a few ideas for our store and one of them is to offer little handpainted gift tags. i made one for starr for her birthday (see below)


it triggered the idea. buyers can send gifts directly to the receiver, i mean, how rad is it to get a surprise package in the mail? anyway, that's one idea. another idea is a catalogue of sorts to give to stores etc. we need the nice weather though, some green on the ground in place of this brown sludge. actually green may not be too needed as i plan on doing the photography at the distillery. still, we need sun and warm(ish) temperatures so our models don't freeze. i can't wait!

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

superhero me

a little flash of sock. how terribly sexy.

today is the perfect day to finally sport my superhero shoes. damian gave these babies to me for christmas and i've only worn them twice....indoors. i couldn't wait to take them outside, show them the world. i love these shoes! they make me feel so good when i put them on, i look down and instead of black i see a flash of red.

i can't fly or jump over tall buildings while wearing them but i can kick higher than my flexibility would normally allow. my dad calls them "clown shoes" but he's just jealous.

they're fluvog's and they're addictive, and they come in such fantastic colours, and i have another pair that are sitting in my closet screaming for summer (another gift from damian...for my b-day).

* photo taken with my camera phone while waiting for the streetcar....i love my camera phone *

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

it wasn't me, i swear

there are many annoyances one must deal with as a receptionist. people having little meetings or chit chats while leaning on your desk, the wide array of obnoxious callers (eg. "yeah, someone just called me?"), the vanishing of pens and other supplies from your desk, etc. the worst of all though has got to be 'the walk and rip'.

'the walk and rip' is when a co-worker casually strolls by the reception desk and lets one rip, leaving the looming smell of natural gas hovering around your nose. a walking ripper is very stealthy, he/she doesn't make a peep, these gas leaks make no noise whatsoever. sometimes they'll look at you out the corner of their eye, their inner dialogue saying "do it, for god's sake man, blast one out before you get back to YOUR desk". it's a drop and run and you now look like the fart culprit when someone else passes by.

Friday, March 19, 2004

rubber fashion

this is a true tale starring my husband, damian. please know that i tried to get permission from him to tell it online but he wasn't answering his phone at work. his loss. i'm telling it because it makes me laugh and i hope it puts a smile on the face of someone who is having a bad day.

one day, when he was a much smaller version of who he is now (we're talking single digit age group), he wandered into his parents bedroom where he spotted a box of condoms on his dad's bedside table. he took one of the little packages out of the box and began to tear it open. for some reason damian thought that they were stockings and being the fashion conscious child that he must have been, proceeded to place them on his feet.

the end.

i married that.

Thursday, March 18, 2004

screen dreams

ever since i took kingi's silkscreening class i've been itching to do more. of course i want a set up just like hers, a giant table to lay out large amounts of fabric, a big sink to rinse my screen, a dark room, a big light table, a wide assortment of dyes, tons of screens, etc. this isn't going to happen, i'm going to have to work with what i have (much to the horror of damian*).

i've asked him "pretty please" to help me make a light table and he said he'd do it. i'm not too sure if he knows the extent of what i'm asking, i think he's in that boy haze of "tools, i love to use my tools". not that a light table is going to be overly difficult, i'm just not sure he realizes that it will be yet another piece of equipment, another arty hobby of mine taking up space in our apartment. oh well, he'll get over it and i'll have fab fabrics for kate** to make bags out of.

* my adorable hubby

** my kick ass sister

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

in the beginning...

it's been a while since i stopped writing my online journal, 'tango moon', and i've decided i miss it. so, i'm starting a new one.

this is just a temporary home for 'sketching paris' until i get my act together and design a snazz layout and upload it all to my sister and i's site. i couldn't wait until that was done and i'm utterly bored to death at work, thus, the blogspot address.